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Marriage of Your Dreams

Being a wife is the best thing in the world. But it changes after becoming a mom. No longer is it just my husband and I. Which means no more spontaneous date nights.

I miss those days….the ones where we could go out for dinner with just a moments notice and not have to find a babysitter for Baby C. Those mornings of sleeping in and cuddling in bed.

I don’t think I realized in the beginning just how important it was to keep the romance alive between hubby and I. That we needed to spend quality time together, alone.

I think it may have been around 5 or 6 months where i decided to be more intentional about “dating” my husband again. We started going out together more often….even if just for dinner and a movie.

This completely refreshed my soul! It was amazing what it did for my spirit. And I came home completely ready to take on the role of motherhood once again.

So here i urge all you new (and not so new) mothers…..take the time to go on dates with your husband. Be intentional about staying close as a couple. I know it might take some extra time and planning, but i know from experience how much this can impact you, your husband, and even your baby.

One night after my hubby and I came home from a night out, Baby C slept straight through the night, which had become a rare occurrence. I’m sure it was because mama was calm and refreshed!

I would also like to urge you mamas out there, take the time and be intentional about reading marriage/relationship books. This can have such an impact on your relationship.

Almost 2 years ago, I went on a reading challenge to read as many marriage books as I could in a 2-3 month period! It completely revolutionized our marriage….and it even inspired my husband to start reading….and grow personally!

So….last week I decided I need to start reading again. I started reading the book “The Marriage of Your Dreams” by Rick Johnson. I read over half the book in just a few days….it was captivating. I was learning so much! On Saturday my husband made several mentions of how he appreciated me being so calm and understanding of him. I couldn’t believe how i had changed in just a few short days of reading.

This of course inspires me to keep reading. And i would encourage every mom reading this blog….to start on a personal development journey themselves. You’ll be amazed at the incredible results!

Until next time…..keep growing.


Why would i start my own blog?

I had never really considered starting my own blog up until very recently.

Being a mom is something i thought would come so naturally to me as i loved all things babies! What i never expected was the huge learning curve, the 24/7 being on call, the absolutely amazing moments of baby C’s development, the never ending night time awakenings, the dreaded nights of teething, the adorable cuddles and the incredible bond i would have with our son.

But the thing that i least expected was the loneliness and sleep deprivation.

Hence, the need to have some sort of outlet when the nights seem long or the days never end.

My goal through this blog is to be a support for other moms going through their motherhood journey and to be an inspiration to many others like me!

I want this to be a way for me to live each day finding the silver lining, moment by moment. And to enjoy each and every minute the Lord has blessed me with our little guy.